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Because somebody asked...

Not all new stuff, but it's what's in heavy rotation in my iTunes these days.
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So that's some of what I think is worthwhile and am currently enjoying. What's in your ears?
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It seems that i09 is touting Kanye West as the 6th most influential person in science fiction in their Power List of movers and shakers in SF.

'scuse me? Kanye West? (shakes head in puzzlement) Does everybody who uses Autotune as an effect get to be on the list? Because I'm not too proud to lay down a track with some funky robot action. Really.

Then again, it's the time of year when everybody comes out with year end lists designed to boost their readership by making people sputter and point their friends at the website/magazine/whatever and say "Can you believe this stuff?" In which case I'm just helping them out by increasing page views.

I think I'll go listen to some Hawkwind now. At least they had Michael Moorcock writing lyrics for them.
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Advice from Monk
Advice from Monk
Advice to musicians (and others) from Thelonious Monk.

Ran across this and had to share. Words to live by.
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A friend of mine, Jamie Kime, is the other guitar player with Dweezil Zappa's "Zappa Plays Zappa" project. They've been gearing up for the summer tour season, and, as they usually do, opened up the last few production rehearsals so they could get audience reactions to the show. Every year, Dweezil picks a fair assortment of fresh material from the Zappa catalog, does necessary rearrangement for the 8-piece band, and they like to make sure that they've got it right before they hit the road. We went last night to see what was going on.
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